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October 14, 2014

Does anyone have information on where the former Larsmont depot building is now located? My cousin, Dale Isackson, says it was moved to the Two Harbors Gun Club site and then sold and moved again.
My mother was Florence Isackson Kertzscher, Oliver Isackson’s sister. My husband, Donald Bennett, is a railroad fan and model railroader. We want to scratch build the Larsmont depot for our train lay out. We have the building plans from the DM & IR Historical Society, but would like to take photos of the depot – wherever it is.
Also, if anyone has photos of the depot and activities connected with the depot, any memories – we’d love to connect. I remember traveling by train to Larsmont June 1946 with my mother and brother Ernst Paul after wandering a year in war-torn Germany. We lived with my grandfather, Ole Haakon Isackson.
Thank you for your assistance.

Mary Anne Bennett, Brainerd Minnesota

We’ve done a little research to try to track down what happened to the old Larsmont Depot, which was a solid little building about 12 feet by 20 feet, built by the railroad in 1916. It was in service until December 1958. The building was donated by the DM&IR to the Two Harbors Gun Club in 1959 for use as their clubhouse. Later, it was moved to their new Gun Club site. In 1996, it was sold to a Two Harbors individual who converted it into a hunting shack and took it up to Toimi. In 2003, the depot was sold again, still in use as a hunting shack near Toimi.

According to some, the building continues to serve well as a hunting shack, although some modifications have been made. We hope to find some pictures for use in a future newsletter.

Some folks thought that the Gun Club clubhouse was not from Larsmont, but from Palmers, but Mel Sando at the Lake County Historical Society says the Palmers Depot still exists, back in the woods near its original location off North Shore Scenic Drive at Palmers. That building is in disrepair.

* * *

November 22, 2009

Hello there. Nice to see that you keep traditions alive.

From 1914 and forward my aunt Edith Jackson/Mattson had a small farm in Larsmont. She first married John Jackson. They got a son Helge in 1914. John died in 1924. In 1926, aunt Edith married Andrew Mattson, who was employed by the railway company and later on Helge joined the same company, but lived I Duluth.

If you want more information, contact me at

Best regards,
Ove Grundwall

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