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No Annual Meeting This Year – But … – 2020
The Annual Board Meeting of the Larsmont Community Club was not held in May, as is normal, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, on May 19, 2020, a few members of the board were able to meet informally at the Schoolhouse to discuss some pending matters. These are the minutes of that short meeting.

Attendees: Bill Tranah, Paul Hayden, David Glass (for Margaret), Marlys Wisch.

There was a general discussion around the concerns of the local small businesses in the Larsmont area.

Larsmont Schoolhouse

The business owners are concerned that they are losing business because of LCC’s two weekend-a-month craft shows held at the schoolhouse. They believe we draw buyers away from them. We brainstormed some ideas on what we could do to alleviate their concerns. We will not cancel any of the crafters shows and/or refuse to allow them to use the schoolhouse. If the crafters cancel that is their decision. The crafters are members and pay a rental fee to use the building. It is the belief of those present that having the crafters at the schoolhouse draws people into the area, which can enhance the small businesses since they will see more buyers.

To support area food services, we will inform the crafters they will not be allowed to sell refreshments at their shows. We will also ask the crafters to set up their tents only in the area owned by the Schoolhouse.

In an effort to support all Larsmont businesses, we will contact each small business in the Larsmont area and let them know we would like to promote their business with a sign on the inside of the schoolhouse. Folks will be able to read the signs when shopping at the craft shows, and then go visit the other businesses. The signs, about 8” X 12”, will be designed by the business and we will display nicely in the hallway area of the schoolhouse. An attempt will be made to complete this project before the first craft show this year.

Also discussed: a new more prominent sign for the memorial garden, Marlys will contact John of John’s Signs to design one for us. We will place it on the side of the bell tower that faces the Scenic Highway. It will say: Memorial Garden. Cost to be about $150.

Bill volunteered to mow the grass since D.A.C. is temporarily not available to do the work, due to the Coronavirus.

The final item: the floor of the Schoolhouse needs to be refinished – clean it, buff it, do a thorough wax job. Bill will search for a company to do it.

Notes taken by Bill for Marlys. Respectfully submitted Marlys Wisch, Secretary/Treasurer.

        Please address any questions/concerns to
        Marlys Wisch, Sec./Treas.

• D.A.C. has communicated that it is now able to mow the grass.
• The original June craft show was canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic.
• Several other scheduled events may be canceled due to the pandemic. Watch the website for updates.
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