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Annual Meeting – 2016
Minutes of the Larsmont Community Club/VFD Annual Meeting, May 16, 2016.

Attendance: Marlys Wisch, Bill Tranah, Dale Isackson, Kathy and David Falk, Margaret and David Glass, Cindy and Paul Hayden. Guest: Duane Madison.

The Larsmont Community Club held its annual meeting on May 16, 2016, at the Little Red Schoolhouse. President Bill Tranah opened meeting at 7 p.m.

Secretary’s report read and approved, Motion by David Falk, Seconded by Paul Hayden.

Treasurer’s report shared with all.

Marlys Wisch at the
                    annual Larsmont CC meeting

Secretary/Treasurer Marlys Wisch reports on funding at the
May 2016 Community Club Annual Meeting.

New Business:

M/S/C to continue to have D.A.C. mow our grass.

Old World Windows: Work is complete except for sills on the two windows in front, on either side of the porch roof that get the runoff from rain and melting snow, the wood is rotten on the south side, we need to put up gutters or something to protect that wood.

Bill Tranah will put white metal surfacing on both sills. When this is finished, Old World Windows will come back and make sure all is complete and then receive their final payment.

Bill Tranah built “storm windows” for the large west wall windows as suggested by Old World Windows. They are architecturally framed as to look “historically correct.”

Marlys explained about the funding grant (one annual allotment) we will now receive from Lake County Rec Board. We received $6,500 in 2015; we will get $6,700 for 2016; and for 2017 will look for $6,500 again or possibly more. Then we will be submitting new grant requests for the next three-year budget.

Projects Day: July 23 with July 30 as backup day. Projects that need to get done are: facia on north, east and south sides of schoolhouse need painting, but requires those willing to climb ladders. The porch surfaces of gray need painting. The gables on both ends of the garage need red painting. Marlys will contact Jim Ortman. Possible garden and weeding work.

Discussed estimates/bids for doing the roofing on the schoolhouse and garage. Reppe Construction-no; Libal Construction $9,400 for schoolhouse, no bid for Garage; Miller Construction $7,450 for schoolhouse and $3,150 for garage; Tranah Construction $7,000 for schoolhouse and $3,000 for garage. These bids would include materials, labor and removal of debris. Work would not be able to be done until 2017, when our next allocation would come in. We did not make a choice on any contractor at this time. M/S/C to do the roofing project in 2017, garage and schoolhouse. We will be asking for donations for the roofing project at the annual picnic/silent auction.

Discussion on need for updated heater. COMO has a heater that would look like ours with the updated ignition equipment at the cost of about $2,000. Also, Dennis Swanson has a heater he would donate. Lance and Janice Peterson have 4 to 5 heaters we could probably get as donations. We could get bids from Federated Coop and NSOP. M/S/C to investigate free stoves first. If not feasible, go for the new stove at about $2,000. Before actually making any purchase, get approval from the executive board.

Report from Fundraising Committee: Judy Beardsley, Renee Crassweller, Valerie Swanson, Marlys Wisch. Decided that we would not net enough monies with a community rummage sale. We will be doing our annual picnic with silent auction, now set for August 6, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. We will purchase and fix the food. Open to the public, we will sell: hot dogs, sloppy joes, chips, fruit-?, beverages and desserts (that we will ask our Larsmont community to donate). Will charge $2 per hot dog or sloppy joe, 50 cents for a bag of chips, 50 cents for a dessert piece. Beverages at $1. After we develop a letter explaining the reason for our request, to present to possible donors, Judy and Marlys will go door-to-door to businesses and ask for nice items to put in our silent auction. Looking for 20-25 items. We will do ads in the newspapers, our own newsletter and posters around town. We are looking at this becoming an annual event.

On the calendar right now we have:

Pioneer School Days, May 26 – St John’s School and June 6 – North Shore Community School; Sue Schleeter will be doing a rummage sale, June 9-11; 20/20 Art Show will be September 23-25; Election Day, November 8th.

Election of Officers:

Motion made by Kathy Falk and Seconded by Cindy Hayden to accept the slate of incumbent officers: President – Bill Tranah; Vice-President – Margaret Glass; Secretary/Treasurer – Marlys Wisch; Grounds Keeper – David Falk; Flag Tender – Dale Isackson; Editor-in-Chief – Paul Hayden. Motion passed unanimously.


                    MadisonGuest speaker – Duane Madison from the Homesteaders Group spoke about his work of collecting historical data from our area, Duluth Township to Larsmont. He is looking for information about the history and people of this area. He made a donation in memory of Ruth and Robert Meyers and Julius and Millie Meyers.  

M/S/C to adjourn. 8 p.m.

        Respectfully submitted,
        Marlys Wisch, Sec./Treas.

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