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Annual Meeting – 2015
The Larsmont Community Club held its annual meeting on May 11, 2015, at the Little Red Schoolhouse. The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President Bill Tranah. The minutes of the 2014 meeting were read and approved, as was the financial report.

2015 Annual Meeting

President Bill Tranah and Secretary/Treasurer Marlys Wisch
conduct the proceedings at the May 2015 Community Club
Annual Meeting.

Old Business:

The Club will continue to have D.A.C. mow the schoolhouse lawn.

New Business:

Old World Windows has been notified that we should have the funding for them to do the final repairs to the windows in 2016.
Marlys, delegate on the Lake County Recreation Board, reported on the new method of funding from the Board. The Club will now get an annual allotment and will not have to write grants each year, only submitting two vouchers each year for our allotment. Our grant submission was for $6,500 a year starting this year, 2015, and we can “bank” what we don’t spend and roll it into the next year to fund our “new projects.”    

Projects Day – Dale Isackson reported on the new type of bulb he will be using to light our flag, which will provide many more hours of use and be more cost effective. Marlys mentioned that the ash tree in back yard looks dead and may need to be cut down. Bill suggested painting just the white sections of the schoolhouse this year. There is a new type of paint (Zinsser’s) that should last longer. Our Projects Day will be July 8, starting at 9 a.m.; backup day is July 29. We discussed the damage made to our garage door. David Falk will follow through, first contacting Lake Connections, whom we feel did the damage, then the door company and our insurance company.   

Discussion on usage of the schoolhouse: keeping the “heritage theme,” whenever we consider what to allow. We will not need to change our by-laws. We will keep our security deposit at $40 per event. Marlys will add one statement on our security contract, “if any damage, client will be responsible for full extent of repairs.” We will continue to ask for the “up to 10%” contribution of the profits of any event. If it is someone outside of the Larsmont membership list or area, we will ask them to become members. Marlys will have control over who, what, when. Marlys will also develop a list of what is expected of clients, to be shared with them when booking.  We also discussed having at least two members of LCC as backup people to open and close the schoolhouse for events when Marlys is not available. Will need to get keys made.

[Tongue in cheek] Celebration for 2114: Paul asked who wants to volunteer for a committee to start planning for the next centennial celebration in 2114. He had made the request in the newsletter, but no one contacted him!

For the annual picnic, we discussed having a daytime Saturday event, maybe about 4 hours, perhaps 10 a.m.-2 p.m., possibly to be catered. Our first choice for date is August 1, backup will be July 25. Bill Miller will contact the possible caterer. Ideas for entertainment are: music, races, games, arts display(s), clowns, face painting, speaker(s), ongoing activity of some sort. Need to form a committee.
Other ideas for events at the school:  community-wide rummage sale; Marlys will contact Renee Crassweller for her expertise. Each household that wants to be involved will be responsible for their own “produce” – getting it to the school, setting it up, pricing it and selling it. 

Marlys gave an update on Gustav Mattson and family. Will pursue this further.

Election of Officers:

All current officers were willing to run again, M/S/C by unanimous ballot our officers are: President – Bill Tranah; Vice-President – Margaret Glass; Secretary/Treasurer – Marlys Wisch; Grounds Keeper – David Falk; Flag Tender – Dale Isackson; Editor-in-Chief – Paul Hayden.

        Respectfully submitted,
        Marlys Wisch, Sec./Treas.

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