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Annual Meeting - 2013
The Larsmont Community Club held its annual meeting on May 7, 2013, at the Little Red Schoolhouse. The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President Bill Tranah. The minutes of the 2012 meeting were read and approved, as was the financial report.

Larsmont Community
                    Club Annual Meeting 2013Old Business:

Report on the request for 2013 maintenance monies from the Recreation Board, we received $2,200, not the $2,400 we requested; Report on the 2012 annual picnic – 46 attended, good fellowship, good fun, good food.
Pres. Tranah reported on the projects that had been accomplished in 2012: Completed: garage soffit, Bill Tranah; Front door painted, Kathy Falk; Back outside stairs painted, Margaret Glass; Not completed: replace glass in store room window, Bill Hermanson; Memorial garden developed, Marlys Wisch and Bev Erickson; General cleaning, Marlys Wisch and Cindy Hayden.
Report on New Projects monies for 2013. We received $198.68 of unspent 2012 monies toward our $500 request, will receive the $301 when project (windows) is complete.

New Business:

Will have the D.A.C. mow our grass.

Discussed request amount for maintenance monies for 2014 from Recreation Board. We will ask for $2,400.

Discussed New Projects monies for 2014. Marlys will be getting a bid from Old World Windows, and Bill Tranah said his son will do the window project for $1,000. When bid is received, Marlys will notify officers so a decision can be made on who to chose.

When asking for New Project monies, will also ask for any unspent monies of 2013.

Project Days – June 12 or July 10 as backup. Projects to be done: rotten boards on back outside stairs (Bill Tranah will check this out); bench needs refinishing (David Glass will do); Memorial garden (Marlys and her niece and nephew will work on that); paint one outside wall (many volunteers for one-half day); garage eaves (no volunteer at this time).

Annual picnic: Margaret Glass will get estimates for catering from local restaurants. The date will be August 19, 2013, 5 p.m.
Bev Erickson will be resigning as our delegate to the Lake County Recreation Board, effective December 31, 2013. Unanimous ballot to elect Marlys Wisch as our delegate.

Medical stretcher: Marlys will check with Air Museum and with local museum/historial society to see who will take this. Motion approved to make a permanent loan of the stretcher to the Lake County Museum with our name shown as donor.

Dishes in cupboard: Marlys suggested that we get them appraised and sell them. Marlys to contact Pam Coolidge for an appraisal. Suggestions of Glensheen, restaurants, etc. for the dishes to be sold to.

Box of donated books: take what you want, rest will be given to the next rummage sale for that person(s) to make the sale.

Replacement flags have been ordered.

Paul Hayden brought up the fact that next year the school will be 100 years old, our centennial year, suggesting that we do a special event(s) to commemorate. Margaret Larson has a banner that reads “centennial” that she will loan to us. The committee to work on this will be: Bill Tranah, Marlys Wisch, Bev Erickson, David Glass, Margaret Glass, Cindy Hayden, Paul Hayden, Dale Isackson and Margaret Larson, plus anyone else who wishes to serve.

Election of Officers:
All current officers were willing to run again, M/S/C by unanimous ballot our officers are: President – Bill Tranah; Vice-President – Margaret Glass; Secretary/Treasurer – Marlys Wisch; Grounds Keeper – David Falk; Flag Tender – Dale Isackson; Editor-in-Chief – Paul Hayden.

        Respectfully submitted,
        Marlys Wisch, Sec./Treas.

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