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Annual Meeting - 2009

The Larsmont Community Club held its annual meeting on May 4, 2009, at the Little Red Schoolhouse. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Bill Tranah.
Old Business –
• Report: Maintenance Monies receives in 2008, $1,600 not $1,700.
• 2008 New Project Monies asked for an received, $1,000, used for new garage door.
• Security Deposit policy, now developed, will be used as necessary.
• Painting day of 2008, all went well, good turnout of volunteers.
• Request for 2009 Maintenance Monies was $1,800, and we are getting that amount.
• 2009 New Project Monies, we requested $3,347 and will receive, for new toilet.
• D.A.C. mowed our lawn three times in 2008.
New Business –
• D.A.C. will continue to mow the lawn.
• Report on 2009 request and grant for $975 from the coop Community Fund, our electrical work is now completed. Used Agate Electric.
• Report on use of schoolhouse in 2008:
Six Pioneer School days, including one new entity, the Home School Association.
Three rummage sales.
Two election days.
Two Association Meetings.
One Clay Art class.
One annual picnic.
One annual meeting.
One painting day with lunch.
• Report of receipt of 2008 Unspent Monies of $1,500, requested for possible additional expenses for new toilet.
• Report on the annual picnic. We had 29 people attend, pizza and salad, and desserts. Beautiful weather and good fellowship.
• Updates report on the posts on the front of the schoolhouse, to have Bolen Construction look at and fix if possible.
Lake County Recreation Board will meet in the Schoolhouse on June 25, 2009.
Discussed requests for:
• 2010 New Projects Monies (if posts cannot be fixed by Bolen Construction, then we need bids and a request will have to be submitted for an amount); 2010 Maintenance Monies, will request $1,900; 2009 Unspent Monies (look at later in the year to see if we need to make a request).
• Announcement made of meeting to be held in Schoolhouse on May 7 for Lake County Admid. and Board to discuss septic systems in the Larsmont-Knife River Sanitary District.
• Painting Day for 2009 – August 8 at 9 a.m. and backup date of August 15. We will be painting a second coat on the new toilet, also another coat on one wall of the Schoolhouse.
• Building Maintenance Fund, donations started in 2006, total through 2008 is now $1,980.
• 2009 Annual Picnic – August 31, 2009, 5 p.m. Discussed food choices, with the decision first Whole Food Co-op or Super One Deli; second Subway Sandwiches; third pizza.
Election of Officers –
Unanimous ballot for the existing officer group, except for the position of Vice President, and the person nominated for that position is Don Ginder. Elected Officers are: Bill Tranah, president; Don Ginder, vice-president; Marlys Wisch, secretary/
treasurer; David Falk, groundskeeper; Dale Isackson, flag tender; Paul Hayden, newsletter editor.
Other new business: discussed the cutting down of the Honking Tree, that is grew in Larsmont and should be returned to Larsmont. Voted to support action of a carving (totem) made of the Honking Tree trunk and put back in the same location, if possible. Marlys to call and write MNDot about our action.
No other business. Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted Marlys Wisch, Sec./Treas.

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