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Paint-Up at the Old Schoolhouse

A squadron of volunteer painters turned out at the Little Red Schoolhouse on June 9, 2007, to complete work on two sides of the building that was begun in 2006. Last year, new siding that was acquired from Louisiana Pacific was prepared for installation with a first coat of paint by volunteers. It was then installed by Gary, Greg and Steve Swanson of Gary Swanson Construction. The final covering of the classic red color was applied to those two sides this year.
Besides the siding that was put on the building in 2006, volunteer painters primed additional siding that will be installed later this summer on the remaining two sides of the Schoolhouse.
In addition to siding and trim, stairs that were rebuilt on the side of the structure received a couple of coats of basic white paint at the June 9 gathering.
You’ll notice a slight change in the configuration of the paint this year. The trim board below the slats has now been painted white to match the skirt of the building. In the past, that trim has been red. The remaining trim will match once the final sides are installed and painted.
Members of the painting party, led by Larsmont Community Club president Bill Tranah, included Helen Tranah, Marlys Wisch, David and Kathy Falk, Marv Holt, Paul and Cindy Hayden, Margaret Glass and Bev Erickson, who provided a sloppy joe lunch for all.
Painting pictures (click to enlarge):
1. Bill Tranah outlines the plan to the Falks.
2. Kathy Falk (foreground) and Cindy Hayden keep those lines straight.
3. The cleanup is a patriotic red and white.
Larsmont Painting Day 2007Larsmont painting day 2007Larsmont painting day

Annual Meeting - 2007

The annual meeting of the Larsmont Community Club was held on May 10, 2007, at 7 p.m. Under old business, President Bill Tranah reported on the Painting Days of 2006, discussed outhouse sidings and doors and explained the need for a new garage door.
Secretary Marlys Wisch reported that the Schoolhouse was used for Pioneer School Days by six schools during 2006. The Lake County Chronicle plans to write an article about Pioneer School Days in the near future.
In 2006, there were $670 donated to the Building Maintenance Fund. A list of donors is elsewhere in this newsletter. The Board approved mounting a plaque inside the Schoolhouse honoring annual donations of more than $100.
It was suggested that residents in Larsmont consider the Building Maintenance Fund in their year-end considerations. Other monies were received from the County Recreation Board totalled $5,300, which were applied toward the siding project for the building.
Under new business, the Board discussed use of the building by area classrooms under the Pioneer School Days program. Three schools have scheduled classroom days so far: Congdon School, North Shore Community School and St. John’s Elementary.
An additional day or two of painting needs to be scheduled to complete the coating of siding that was begun last year. Slats that were painted were applied to the outside of the building by Gary Swanson Construction. June 9 was set as the first date, beginning at 8:30 a.m. and trying to finish by noon. The LCC will provide beverages. A rain date/secondary paint date was set for June 23.
The Annual Larsmont Community Club Picnic will be held at the Schoolhouse on August 20, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Fare will be pizzas from Pizza Hut, tossed salad and beverages, with desserts to be donated by attendees. (More details in the next newsletter.)
A safety inspection, completed by COMO, showed that the heating system at the Schoolhouse passed.
Projecting needs for 2008, a new garage door will be purchased after a bidding process. A request for funding will be made to the Lake County Recreation Board. Also, the posts on the front porch will be inspected to determine their condition and need for repair.
Because some damage to the floor occurred during a group’s meeting in 2006, it was suggested that a refundable security deposit be required for all future use of the building that would cover damages, cleaning and use of heat in the winter. Certain groups would be exempt. But the main reason for the deposit is to encourage more careful use of the facility.
The current board was re-elected by unanimous vote: Bill Tranah, president; Walt Barthell, vice president; Marlys Wisch, secretary/treasurer; David Falk, building/grounds keeper; Dale Isackson, flag tender.
Fun at the 2007 Annual Picnic
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